About Us


WAQAFA INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD (WAQAFA) was established on the 18th June 2020, under the Malaysian Companies Act 2016 with the following unique Vision and Mission.




To Continuously Increase PUBLIC AWARENESS, The Number Of Affiliated Businesses; And To Continuously Empower Businesses And Individuals Through Its Activities OF RESEARCH, EDUCATE, TRAIN, PROPAGATE, CONSULT, COLLABORATE AND PRACTICE OF WAQF ECONOMY

As the Vision and Mission indicate, WAQAFA is dedicated to the realization of a pristine Islamic Waqf-based Economy throughout the world. It affiliates itself as a subsidiary of BankWaqf International (BWI) that is incorporated in Indonesia, that has similar aspirations. BankWaqf International is a trust fund established to provide business opportunities and financial services to the people in the name of Allah. Waqf in terms of cash and cash certificate are dealt within the principle of Maqasid Shari’ah and invested in a productive way. The proceeds or return from the investments will then be used for the benefit of eligible recipients, i.e. the Mauquf ‘Alaih (beneficiaries).

WAQAFA is part of a consortium of business entities that is dedicated to contribute 10% of their net profits for Waqf. Waqf is seen by many as a powerful sure way of realizing that pristine Islamic Economic System, that has been the dream of many INSHAALLAH. It is characterized by economic abundance, with shared prosperity, peace and tranquility for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

In realizing this noble objective, WAQAFA has dedicated itself in researching further Waqf propositions, practices and models; and educating the public through seminars, conferences, videos, academic programmes, trainings etc.; in order to propagate best Waqf models to be emulated. WAQAFA shall collaborate with all parties interested to further this cause and stands ready to consult businesses and governments on the same. WAQAFA itself is dedicated to the practice of Waqf Economy by surrendering 10% of its profits to BWI, to be pooled together with contributions from other business subsidiaries to be used for achieving the much desired Global Waqf Economy.

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