In sha Allah, when BWI FinTech is fully completed Waqf Index, Mawquf Alahi Index, Non-Waqf Funds Investment Index, and Waqf Funds Reinvestment Index will appear.

Now 45 dealers are already registered, and our target is 100 dealers before the end of 2023

Why Waqf Gold Embedded Businesses? What does Waqf have to do with Gold Trading? These questions will be resolved in the Waqf Economy Seminar by WAQAFA International in the near future in sha Allah.

We take a proactive approach by waqfing some of the net profits from our businesses for the welfare of the ummah. Hopefully, the ‘lead by example approach will be a catalyst for others to do the same. This is one of the initial efforts to turn this ummah into an Upper Hand community compared to the begging approach

Dato’ Abu Ubaidah Kemin Founder Waqf Economy