The First Waqf Seminar organised by WAQAFA INTERNATIONAL


…yesterday was first the Waqf Seminar organised by WAQAFA INTERNATIONAL

…module Waqafa 1 – Introduction to Waqf Economy
…first batch WAQAFA #1 – participants from different background Bankers, Professionals, Professors, post graduates students, NGO leaders, Asatizah


…feedback from participants

…”Indeed…any eye opener despite the waqf economy (w.e.) was there all along…it went into abysis temporarily. Thx to excellent presenters with their carefilly thought presentations & wide-eyed inquisitive audience, the w.e. is being rekindled to be the norm of living & we cant leave home without it do to speak. Lets bind our efforts & strength & make it happen and move fwd by ummah for ummah…Masya Allah.”
Mr Baha Majid – ex Banker

…”Ibarat kata pepatah kalau ingin belajar berenang carilah itik. Kalau ingin belajar melompat cari lah tupai. Saya dah jumpa itik dan tupai itu hari ni. Dalam tu Analoginya! Syukran team Waqf. Mulai hari ini kita semua PEJUANG Wakaf🤗”
Dr Khariman – CEO IPTA Holding Malaysia

…”Alhamdulillah, it was a great session, craving for more of such knowledge to practicalise for the benefit of ummah.”
Dr Muntaka – from Ghana

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