He was born in Johor Bahru and lived in Kulai, Johor for the past 22 years. His first job was with MOCCIS Trading a cooperative located in Damansara where under the coach YBhg Tun Arshad Ayub, Chairman of this cooperative. He then continued his studies and graduated from ADBS Human resource management at UiTM Shah Alam in 1994. He then served as the Head of the distance learning unit specifically handling professional courses such as ICSA and CACA at IPPJ, Johor Corporation. His interest in handling human resources made him further his studies in the master’s degree in Human Resource Development and graduated in 2004. Currently he leads 2 companies namely Coldwind M&E Sdn Bhd (Mechanical Engineering) and ABK Resources Sdn Bhd. Accounting & Taxation Company. He used to be a part-time lecturer at the Open university and also a board member of IMAN ELC Sdn Bhd (Baby Care / Kindergarten) and Hidayah Education Center (integrated school) in Johor with more than 1500 students. The surge in his profession when he operated the GEMS (Graduate Employability Management Scheme) program throughout Malaysia and became the Head of branch operations. Indirectly he conducts certain courses and branch operations. At this time he is conducting certain courses under the consultants in kuala lumpur independently. He has his own business venture which is the manufacture of herbal juices based on raw Tualang honey and selected herbs namely JUS ASA 121. His specializations more on training needs analysis, training design, Human capital & organizational development, workshop design, training presentation and human resource management. He is registered as qualified trainer under HRDF (Human Resource Development Fund) and a member of Malaysia Human Resource Management (MHRM). His personality type is helper. He needs to love and feel loved. He is the most trustworthy of all types and his naturally helping others. His fear being appreciated and he often overcompensate by giving more of himself. He is naturally humble and his thrive on others noticing his good deeds. All he needs is a little appreciation and his potential to helps others is endless. He is a natural saint with deep emotional intelligence. He also tried to see the good in every situation. Nothing can scare him despite having gone through various experiences over the years. He just stood firm and went on living. His confidence never wavered.

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