Ir. Bambang Kuswijayanto, M.M.

Personal Information:


Recently acts as Chief Executive Officer of A M C Group since almost 10 years ago that consists of several companies that engaged in digital community services and business advisors in Risk Management, Business Strategy, and Asset Management Services.


Apr 2018 – Present : BankWaqf International (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)! As Deputy President Director

Jan 2018 – Present : The Cooperative Unit of Ministry of Foreign Affaris!

  • As a contractual management of KKLN (MOFA’s independent cooperative unit) which has the potential members up to 4000 employees within Indonesia and abroad!
  • As a responsible person (top management) in overseeing the risk management of all activities and set-up the risk mitigation including the business process and execution

Jun 2016 – Present : The Community Cooperative of Auliya Islamic School, Bintaro Tangerang Selatan!

  • As a management services to operate the cooperative by appying the digital financial services!
  • The potential member is 10.000 persons (students, teachers, staff, parents, and alumni)

Nov 2016 – Present : The Trading Cooperative of Gerakan Urun Daya (join with Alfamart)

  • As a management services to operate the cooperative by applying the digital financial services
  • The potential members is million persons (staff and customers of Alfamart stores within Indonesia)!
  • Operates ATM Machines within Alfamart Stores together with Bank Bukopin!
  • Trading FMCG retails to the specific target customers (close community)

Dec 2012 – Dec 2017 : PT Bank Sahabat Sampoerna & PT Sahabat Sejati Kapital – Jakarta Indonesia!

  • As member of Risk Management and Audit Committee of Board of Commissione!
  • As business advisor for employee cooperative business development

Feb 2010 – Present : PT Bank BTPN Tbk. (Syariah Business Unit) – Jakarta!

  • As a Risk Management Advisor to set-up the risk manuals and risk policies of all business unit within Syariah Business Unit of Bank BTPN (Financing, Treasury and Operation)!
  • As PMO Consultant for conversion and spin-off of Sharia Business Unit

July 2010 – Oct 2010 : PT Bank Pundi Indonesia Tbk. – Jakarta!

  • As a Risk Management Advisor to set-up the risk manuals and compliance policy of all activities under the bank process (Credit Risk, Market Risk, Liquidity Risk, Operational and Other Risks)

Aug 2010 – Dec 2010 : PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia, Tbk. (Full-pledged Islamic Banking) – Jakarta

  • As a nominee of shortlisted candidate of Risk ManagementAdvisor to provide the Policy Manuals and SOP of Treasury, Financial Institution and Trade Finance
  • As a candidate of Risk Management Advisor to set- up the Risk Management organization and its infrastructure within the Bank

Sept 2009 – June 2019 : The Cooperative Unit of Ministry of Finance Office!

  • As a contractual management of ASJ Finance (MOF’s independent cooperative unit), which has the potential members up to 60 thousand employees within Indonesia.!
  • As a responsible person (top management) in overseeing the risk management of all activities and set-up the risk mitigation including the business process and execution

Jan 2009 – Present : The Cooperative Unit of Kafila Islamic International School – Jakarta Indonesia

  • As an independent consultant to provide the management services in conducting the cooperative including risk management process of all activities.!
  • The Cooperative engaged in micro financing for the retailers or traders (mass portfolio)

2009 – 2010 : PT Mandiri Inti Perkasa (a private owned of mining company) – Kalimantan Timur Indonesia!

  • As a business counterpart in managing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund for the rural development around mining area!
  • As a risk management advisor to mitigate of all risks under the program

2009 – 2010 : PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk. (Syariah Business Unit) – Jakarta Indonesia!

  • As an advisor to provide consultancy and advisory services of Islamic Banking knowledge especially for the establishment of a new business unit within Bank Danamon Syariah (Danamon Pawn Broking Unit)!
  • Provide specific skill based resources

2009 – 2012 : IBFI Trisakti University (Islamic Banking & Finance Institution) – Jakarta Indonesia!

  • Guest lecturer of Islamic Risk Management & Microfinancing

2009 – 2010 : STAI Asy-Syukriyah (Islamic University) – Tangerang!

  • Guest lecturer of Islamic banking & business plan

Professional Employees

2002 – 2009 : PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk. Jakarta, Indonesia!

  • Sixth-largest bank in Indonesia, asset size (2009) circa IDR 97.1trn (US$ 10.6bn), majority-owned by Temasek (Triple-A Singaporean company), awarded “Best Bank in Indonesia” by Finance Asia magazine (Sep 2005), and recognized in the Asian edition of Forbes magazine as one of the 2000 largest public companies in the world

2009 : Danamon Corporate University – Jakarta Indonesia!

  • As an Islamic Knowledge Advisor with the function:!
  • Develop Learning Road Map of Syariah Business Unit
  • Design and develop the training programs and materials for Syariah Business Unit

2007 – 2009 : Vice President, Shariah Corporate Banking Division Head – Jakarta Indonesia

  • Due to the impact of financial crisis at 2009 (global crisis), Danamon Syariah (as well as Bank Danamon bankwide’s perspective) had shifted their business portfolio by more focusing on micro and retail business rather than wholesale business at Q4 2009. Therefore, they froze the corporate portfolio as standstill exposure by just maintaining the loan service and no more acquisition of new accounts.!
  • New role (as previously as Risk Head) with effective date since Jun 2007 and had successfully growth risk asset volume up to IDR 500 bio (eqv. US$ 50 million) with high profitability and zero problem loan
  • Establishing a new business unit in Shariah Directorate as Islamic banking window with in the bank to cater corporate and commercial sectors through long-term relationships by providing excellent banking services at highly competitive prices!
  • Designing a specific credit structure as a wide arrange of financial and investments services to the clients including trade finance and cash management, which are and have always operated within the framework of Shariah principles!
  • Structuring a number of attractive Islamic products which are in accordance with both international standards as well as Shariah requirements to meet the clients’ requirements
    • Arranging bilateral, club deal or credit syndication with other Banks to finance the project finance which has specific characteristics such as large project cost, specific industry, risk sharing, etc. The success cases are:!

    • Modular Rig Project of PT Elnusa Tbk. with financing exposure is US$ 31,5 million of total project cost of US$ 42 million
    • Participate in syndication deal (combine between conventional structure and syariah structure) led by Bank Niaga and Bank Syariah Mandiri for PT Citra Sari Makmur with the amount of financing is IDR 1 Trillion.!
    • Bilateral financing to PT Kerta Bumi Teknindo (vendor of power service to PT MEDCO at Sembakung field) with the amount of financing is US$ 5 million!
    • Billateral financing to PT Wimaxindo (turnkey contractor of telecom to PT Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk.) with the amount of financing is IDR 25 billion.!
    • Billateral financing to PT Mandala Multi Finance and PT Trihamas Multi Finance for join financing scheme with the total financing is IDR 75 billion

2004 – 2007 : Vice President, Shariah Credit Risk Management Head (Micro, Retail & SME)

  • Establishing Credit Risk Policies, Credit Guidelines and Product Programs as part of Product Development for approval, measurement, reporting, monitoring, limiting and analysis of risk (Guidelines cover both Retail and Corporate banking sectors)!
  • Establishing a Risk Management culture which promotes good analysis, judgment, flexibility and balance between risk and reward!
  • Independent assessment of Credit Risk, facility structure, collateral and loan documentation in order to meet defined Credit standards
  • Approving/declining Credit applications/reports within delegated Credit authority
  • Recommending Credit applications/reports to Credit Committee where exposure exceeds delegated Credit authority!
  • Approving appointment of Credit Officers!
  • Establishing Shariah-specific Risk limits within Risk allocation given!
  • Establishing, in conjunction with the business, Risk reporting requirements

2004 – 2007 : Member of Risk Management Committee!

  • Representing Shariah Banking in front of top level management (Board of Directors and Business Heads)

2002 : Senior Assistant Vice President, Team Leader of Micro Lending Product!

  • Issuing Product Program of Murabahah (Buy & Sell) and Mudharabah (Profit Sharing), Shariah Banking

2002 – 2004 : Senior Assistant Vice President, Credit & Market Risk Management

  • Sub Division Head of Credit Policy of Micro Lending, Consumer Finance, Small Medium Enterprise, Commercial and Corporate Lending

1999 – 2002 :Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA)! Jakarta, Indonesia!

  • Government body established post-Indonesian Economic Crisis of 1998, total asset size IDR 600 trn (US$ 66.6 bn) with mission to restructure banking industry and recover Indonesian economic stability (formally wound-up in 2004)

1999 – 2002 : Assistant Vice President, Credit Risk Management Division!

  • Caretaker Division Head of Risk Management Credit, Support & Compliance!
  • Group Head of Risk Management Credit Review

2001 – 2002 : Treasurer of IBRD Loan for IBRA, appointed by Ministry of Finance

1999 : Senior Manager, Risk Management & Credit Review Division!

  • Team Leader of Risk Management Credit Review

1990 – 1999 : PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk. – Jakarta, Indonesia!

  • Seventh largest bank in Indonesia, asset size circa IDR 46.5trn (US$ 5.2 bn), currently majority-owned by Bumiputera-Commerce Holdings Berhad (Malaysian company), achieved Indonesia’s Best Managed Company-Mid Cap (Asia Money version) in 2006

1997 – 1999 : Senior Manager, Credit Policy and Administration Group

  • Credit Policy Division Head of all market segmentation (SMEC, Retail, Corporate)

1997 : Senior Manager, Credit Policy and Administration Group

  • Liaison Officer for Islamic Development Bank in Headquarters

1997 : Senior Manager, Corporate Banking Group!

  • Senior Account Officer, Merchant Banking Group

1994 – 1997 : Senior Manager, Credit Policy and Administration Group

  • Liaison Officer for IDRB, ADB, OECF, Exim Bank of Japan

1994 : Manager, Credit Policy and Administration Group!

  • Two Step Loan Department Head

1992 – 1994 : Assistant Manager, Semarang Pemuda Branch!

  • Acount Officer, Semarang Branch ! Sub-Manager. Semarang Pemuda Branch!
  • Junior Account Officer, Semarang Branch

1991 – 1992 : Trainee, Head Office!

  • Executive Development Program


2000 : Prasetiya Mulya Business School, Jakarta, Indonesia!

  • Pioneer MBA School in Indonesia for over 25 years with international reputation and bank scholarship program
  • Master of Management (equivalent MBA degree), majoring in International Business

1986 – 1990 : Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia

  • Bachelor’s Degree, Faculty of Agricultural Technology


  • Level 1,2, and 3 of Risk Management Certificate issued by BSMR in association with Global Association of Risk Professionals


• Islamic Bank and Islamic Finance Course, Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia Jakarta • Corporate Financing and Structured Products, Bank Danamon Corporate Banking • Import Trade Finance Operation/Long Term Credit Scheme, Islamic Development Bank • 1st Annual Islamic Banking & Finance, Marcus Evans (Kuala Lumpur) 

• 5th Annual Islamic Banking & Finance, Marcus Evans (Kuala Lumpur) 

• Loan Disbursement Workshop, Asian Development Bank 

• Credit Risk Management, Citibank 

• Financing to the Renewable Energy Business, USAID (Colorado, USA) 

• Financing to the Closely Held Business, USAID (Seattle, USA) 

• Executive Shariah Workshop, Tazkia Institute 

• Training to the Trainers, Bank Niaga Head Office 




Place/Date of Birth

Jakarta/January 6, 1967


Married, 3 children


Indonesian and English (Active/Active)

en English