WAQAFA INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD (WAQAFA) was established on the 18th June 2020, under the Malaysian Companies Act 2016. It affiliates itself as a subsidiary of BankWaqf International (BWI). BankWaqf International is a trust fund established to provide business opportunities and financial services to the people in the name of Allah.

WAQAFA is part of a consortium of business entities that is dedicated to contribute 10% of their net profits for Waqf to BWi and pooled together with
contributions from other business subsidiaries to be used for achieving the much desired Global Waqf Economy.

Waqf is a powerful sure way of realizing pristine Islamic Economic System. It is characterized by economic abundance, with shared prosperity, peace
and tranquility for Muslims and non-Muslims alike

To see WAQF ECONOMY established thorughout the world.

To continuously increase PUBLIC AWARENESS, the number of affiliated businesses; and to continuously empower businesses and individuals through its activities of RESEARCH, EDUCATE, TRAIN, PROPAGATE, CONSULT, COLLABORATE AND PRACTICE OF WAQF ECONOMY.

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