1. Genuinely free from Riba’ (usury)
2. Free from speculative businesses
3. Business based on “Real Economy”
4. Deal with high potential ready operated businesses
5. Continuous return on investment based on mudharabah or musyarakah

Being a management and development institution of waqf that manage professionally, trusted and can create a synergy of economic equity in society.

Achieving economic empowerment of people while reducing poverty and create an economic equity in many sectors, especially in the small and medium enterprises.


BankWaqf International identifies businesses that have potential to empower the economy and the people across the world. BWI analyses the potential of the businesses through market analysis, financial analysis, and the businesses analysis. We help them through advertising, advisory, and representative to deal with individuals, companies, corporates, philanthropists, and governments to empower their businesses.

When capital investment reaches the target fund, BankWaqf International
will become the intermediary between investors and business operators. The
role includes managing the business to reach the targets to capitalize the waqf fund correctly. During the operation, BankWaqf International will ensure the business operators continuously updated about the performance
and progress of the businesses transparently through various communication channels (website, social media). This is to ensure the investors are well informed and free from curiosity and anxiety


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