Steps Towards Financial Freedom!

…start small
…grow bigger
…slowly but surely

Steps towards Financial Freedom!
Sedikit2 lama2 jadi bukit!

1. Month 1: Anda first time?
Jom try with 0.25g for first month

2. Month 2: Nak terus try? You are great !
Let’s do it with 1g

3. Month 3: Getting addicted? Yes, I am!
Simpan lagi 1g

4. Month 4: Yeay, ada duit lebih kita simpan 2.5g pulak

5. Month 5 : Konsisten 2.5g

6. Month 6 : Yes! Still konsisten 2.5g

7. Month 7 : Ok, I nk byr insurance kereta, so can I have only 1g? Sure, you can darling!

8. Month 8: Teruskan simpanan, but now I wanna try 1 dinar (4.25g)

9. Month 9: Another 1 dinar! Alhamdullilah Syukur.

10. Month 10: Nak guna duit utk anak sikit – sure, no prob, as long as kita menyimpan; let’s continue do it with 2.5g.

11. Month 11: Coming back to track; 1 dinar (ikat perut sikit demi EMAS, demi masa depan sy dan keluarga)

12. Month 12: Now I believe that my ULTIMATE GOAL IS GOLD!

Keep on doing; 1 dinar (kdg2 tergelincir jugak, simpan 1g – its ok 😅)

Finally! you have amounts of gold you can use for business collateral, no need to seek loan from bank and avoiding yourself from Riba’

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